Saturday, October 25, 2008

OLTERMS Timeline

• Friday 5/9/08 Last Phase IIb Visit, First ext. study visit. Did MRI, peg test, math test, speed walk test, pee, MSQLI, and 13 vials of blood. EDSS 2.0!?!
• 5/27/08 Received notice I’m MRTC positive from 5/9/08 appt. awaiting blood draw appt.
• 7/2/08 Opexa called for med. survey, said Life Blood Biologic would call within a week for the big blood draw appt.
• 7/17/08 2pm Blood procurement to make vaccine.
• 9/10/08 Got call that vaccine ready.
• Made appt. for 10/10/08 1:30pm appt to receive 1st vaccine.
• 9/16/08 appt for vaccine delayed indefinitely due to hurricane Ike’s impact on Houston.
• 9/25/08 Made new date for first shot, 10/24/08 1:30pm
• 9/31/08 Found out I was on Tovaxin during the study.
• 10/24/08 1st Tovaxin shot of OLTERMS. 17 Vials of blood, Pee. No MRI.
• 11/21/08 2nd Tovaxin shot of OLTERMS. No Blood, No Pee, No MRI. Just Shot.
• 11/24/08 OLTERMS shut down. :-(