Saturday, January 17, 2009

Went to Colorado Springs yesterday. Left at 5:50am returned at 11:05pm, long day! Neurologist didn't do much, confirmed I was in the middle of a relapse and prescribed a 5 day course of solu-medrol, a strong steroid, with an oral taper. I think this relapse started on 1/14/09, The MRI showed active lesions on my brain. I was also prescribed Valium to augment the Baclofen used to treat the stiffness that is mainly in my left leg. She didn't discuss my c-spine, and we are still deciding on what I should do next. I also forgot to request a copy of my blood work, Doc seemed to be concerned with it but didn't elaborate other than to say I needed to drink more water. I will request copies on Tuesday. I felt the long day really didn't accomplish much. Contemplating if there is a neurologist as competent as her closer to home, I think that would benefit both sides of the equation. I seemed to be a major inconvenience to them yesterday.

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